3 Myths about running the extra mile

3 Myths about running the extra mile

Hi Learner,

We have discussed the benefits of running the extra mile in one of the previous blog (if you missed read it from here). But, there are some myths about running the extra mile as well which would really be of great help for you if you are aspiring to start the extra mile journey.

Whenever we tend to do something new which no one around us is attempting our mind and peers might put forth some good questions in front of us (not all questions are bad). So, this post is about the 3 important myths which you have to question yourself and answer yourself when you begin running the extra mile.

Myths about extra mile

Myths are the statements about something which are not actually true, but at the same time they appear very true.

1. Assuming Exploitation

Most of them have a negative opinion about running the extra mile, i.e. people start exploiting a person who runs the
extra mile i.e. people take advantage of you if you run the extra mile. There is nothing wrong in the above question and assumption as the world is filled with a good number of lazy people who wish to survive on the hard work of others.

But, there is one other important point which we have to look at and that is our capability in balancing our tasks and our time. If we successfully manage or balance our daily tasks and do a little more through running the extra mile then that is enough. As long as you have a great self-control over yourself no one else in the world (including your boss) can exploit you. Stretching more at the office once in a while is acceptable, but stretching every day saying extra mile is equal self-exploitation and not running the extra mile.

By running extra mile you are just stretching a bit more than usual and not too much to lose your elasticity


2. Selling yourself short

It is true that, if you are delivering more than what you have promised then it might reduce the number of customersmyths about running the extra mile you serve but at the same time it doesn’t mean that you are selling yourself short. It means that you care more for your client which way, your client would be least bothered about other similar service providers because of the extra mile you run for servicing and helping them.

I have heard a beautiful phrase about customer and that make a customer not just a sale by focusing on great delivery of results you win loyal clients who would never leave your service. And, they don’t leave you only because you happily run extra mile while others are not willing to do that.


3. You can’t serve too many clients

If we keep running the extra mile for every client then we wouldn’t be able to service all the clients whom we have then this act of running extra mile can’t maximize our profits. This isn’t the mistake of the extra mile because your clients are working with you only because of your Quality and the extra you are providing to them and if you compromise on any of them then it would also not be able to spread a word about you.

The solution for this not to stop running the extra mile, but to increase the size of your team or outsource the work which anyone else can perform under your guidance (a technique used by most corporates) and the final product can be done by you which only you, only you in the world can do that way. This way increasing your clients would just result in outsourcing all the trivial and time-taking tasks to others while the key tasks like imagination, planning how to service the client better etc. can be done by you.

All the best for your Extra mile Journey

Hope I have properly countered the general myths about running the extra mile. 

Thanks for Reading. I want you to immediately take an action to communicate with me about any other myth you consider for running the extra mile through comments.

Bye … Take care..

I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @ learningispassion.com, bloggingispassion.com

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