Nobody is perfect in this world

Nobody is perfect in this world

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Nobody in this world is perfect and if can understand this fact then we wouldn’t hurt either others or ourselves by expecting a lot of perfection from others. Perfection isn’t an act like excellence it’s a habit, but we find perfect people not very often, but we have to learn to deal with people not very perfect (including ourselves). So, this post is about interacting with them.

Nobody is perfect

We always expect others to be perfect assuming that we are perfect, but a perfect person never considers himself as perfect and expect the same from others. We might miss a lot of creativity if we just focus on becoming a perfect person because it is well said that – there are a lot of possibilities in the mind of a beginner than in the mind of an expert. So, it is not always fetching to be a perfect person rather we need to strive for perfection and be a life long learner, learning new crafts each and every day.

The Best way to avoid this trap of being perfect and expecting perfection from others is through awareness and below two techniques

  • Look for positives in others
  • Look for negatives more carefully in yourself

Look for positives of others

The best way to treat others is to treat them like gold mines, you find a lot of dirt before dig a little Gold from them. – Andrew Carnegie (from You can Win book) 

The only thing which an ordinary person does is looking for negatives in others and to start criticizing them in Nobody is perfect in this worldaddition to that, looking for positives in self and boasting a lot of those positive qualities. The above actions are very dangerous because we develop bad relationships with others and will develop enemies for us, along with that we develop a lot of pride which will never allow us to learn something new which way we may never grow in our life.
If we start doing the vice versa of above and that is to look for positives in others and self-criticism or negatives in self then we develop great friends and others as we always motivate them and at the same time we become an outstanding student learning from our mistakes and start to correct them one by one which makes us perfect one or the other day.


Make it a habit from today, to start analyzing the best qualities from others, learn to inculcate those positive habits from them and in an ideal situation tell people about their positives because it makes them really happy and improves your relationship with them.(don’t try to flatter instead give a genuine appreciation).

  1. Start counting the positives in others.
  2. Learn to inculcate those habits
  3. Tell them their positives once which will make them feel happy and improve your relationship with them.

Don’t tell them their negatives unless they ask

Not everyone, likes to be criticized, but if he does then he is no more an ordinary person.

Generally, out of concern for other people, we tend to tell them about their negatives even though they haven’t really asked us for feedback. This act is not bad but it isn’t always encouraged because not everyone is interested in receiving negative criticism so happily compared to the positive appreciation.

But, if they ask for your feedback then feel free to give a good feedback which would really help them though it may be a detailed one, this act of giving a genuine feedback would improve your credibility in their opinion even more compared to the above technique of Looking for positives. But, do remember to mention a note of caution that you are giving feedback to them only to help them and but not to hurt them.

Look for your mistakes

We are never perfect, we perfect ourselves as we convert our negatives into positives.

How can you find out your mistakes
1. By analyzing your mistakes yourself every day, month, quarter and year. (Read about Journaling)
2. By asking your seniors, elders for your mistakes. (Feedback is the best way to know more about you through the eyes of others)

This way you will be able to know about your negative qualities and then you can also correct yourself which way you will be in a process of reaching your perfection day by day.


Start Journaling today about your mistakes and try to give an appropriate explanation of why are actually doing them and what would you benefit if you can stop making those mistakes.

  1. Start Journaling your mistakes
  2. Why did you make the mistake?
  3. Is it a good mistake or bad mistake? – A mistake which helps in growing or learning something new else it is a bad mistake, which you shouldn’t do it again.
  4. What can you benefit if you don’t the mistake?
  5. Start making plans to correct the mistake in future

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