Ola Cabs – Opportunity in a bitter experience

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Ola Cabs

We face very bitter experiences in some situations and they leave us with lot of pain which is unable to digest but along with pain they bring a lot of opportunities with them for us to make use of them to grow in the process by helping others not to face that bitterness which we have faced. OLA cabs inception has one such story

Ola Cabs – which is one of the best cab services in India & the story behind its inception is very interesting and I was very delighted while reading that. I felt a Strong shot of Inspiration from their story which I wish to share with you, that is about the reason for the start-up of the company, the motto of the company etc

Founders & History

Ola Cab Founders
Bhavish Aggarwal (Left) & Ankit Bhati (Right) – Image Credit

Bhavish Aggarwal & Ankit Bhati are the founders of the OLA cabs, both are IIT passed out graduates and they started working each in reputed companies after their education.

One of the founder (Bhavish) had a small company side by though he was working for a prestigious company in the world and he was associated with the bitter experience

The bitter experience

One day Bhavish was traveling to home from another city and he has hired a private taxi for this purpose and it turned out to be a very bitter experience as the driver stopped the car in the middle of the journey on a deserted
highway and has started to negotiate on the fare which was previously agreed for some more money. The driver was reluctant to resume the journey without extra fare charge & was warning the founder to leave him in the middle of the journey on that deserted road. However, after the bitter experience.
Bhavish has given that incident a thought and it turned to be a life changing as he has seen a wonderful opportunity in this taxi market and the challenges and problems faced by various people in their journey due to the Private drivers.

OLA Cabs over 40000 cabs
Over 18000 cabs by 2014 – Image Credit


Then Bhavish along with Ankit has started OLA on 03 December 2010. OLA means Hello in spanish. The name symbolically suggests their Motto to be very user-friendly and provide them with a refreshing experience.


OLA has emerged to a huge success from the inception due to its clear and customer enriching Motto, the success was so huge that by April 2014 they have touched the mark of 40,000 cabs across 65 cities in India and they have touched around 40,000 autos in 22 cities through which they have started providing reliable service to the customer from a cost starting at just Rs. 10\- per km.

Another reason for their huge success in short time is the way they chose their drivers in order to ensure quality is first important than quantity and ensure the customer shall not experience the bitter experience which was once experienced by the founder himself.

None of the success and opportunity or even this post about them wouldn’t have happened if that experience wasn’t bitter

Steve job’s phrases bitter times in a beautiful way, It’s awful tasting a medicine but I guess the patient needed it. In life bitter experiences are some medicines to cure our weakness and introduce us to the new and silent opportunities lying around and ignite and outshine the problem solving ability in us to help both the society and us as well by making us taste those bitter problems ourselves and give the sweets of our efforts to others around us.

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