Overpromise and Overdeliver – Secret to success

Overpromise and Overdeliver – Secret to success

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There are many people (competition) in business (for that matter any business), but only very few people will be dominating the market. It is not rare that we see only those few players get a lot of customers & customers are always happy with the service offered by them. Why does this happen?

The secret is unveiled

Larry Page, one of the founders of Google, has provided the secret tip which made google the big player in the field of web, search engine, browser, mobile OS etc. The secret is not really a secret (it’s hard work redefined) – Overpromise and Overdeliver.

Overpromise and Overdeliver – Why this always works?

Customers always expect the best they can get with the minimum amount of money which they Overpromise and overdeliverspend from their pocket. Customers are no different, they are people like you and me & if you want people to become your customers then would need a reason to say NO to everyone & say YES to you.
In that situation, the value provided by you to them for the amount they pay you comes into the picture. They are generally doing business, in the sense buying a service which is available for the cheapest possible price with superior quality. And, as trust on your ability increases, increase in the price of your product or service would not be worrying customer to look for a new service provider as they are comfortable working with you since you Overpromise and overdeliver than others.

Success of Google services

If you consider any google services like mail, drive, youtube, android they are never of low quality though they are cheap in price. Then why is google providing them freely, they do have paid services for premium people which is used to cover the cost incurred in servicing the basic users.

Isn’t there any other alternate way?

The lift for Success is out of order, but the stair case is always open. – Anonymous

Unfortunately, there is no alternate way to succeed in your business though you have many competitors than this because this is what your client is expecting. Overpromise & over delivery for the many they have paid you.

Is it easy to Overpromise & overdeliver?

This sounds to be a difficult task, like over promising than others & overdelivering than the promised one. But, it is difficult only in the beginning & as time goes on you tend to find it easy both overpromising & overdelivering which would lead you to get more customers, more conversions, more business and more profits.

How to effectively Over-promise & Overdeliver?

It is a smart way to learn from experts who are already doing it, the techniques which I noticed from the big players are the following techniques

They try to understand what the customers exactly want

Because, if you give every extra thing other than the main requirement which client wants then our effort of Overpromising & Overdelivering is like a broken ship. Once, you understand what the client exactly wants then you can first work on providing that & add on features for that which gives you an edge over the competitor.

If you have additional features then though you cost high then others you will have more customers.

Free trial of your services or product

A free trial is needed for attracting new customers if you have very less number of customers currently. You need to take utmost care so that you will not be exploited by piracy in the attempt to provide free trials.

Proper Service retains your customers & keeps them happy

It takes 90% less effort to retain existing customer than to win a new customer & the 10% effort goes into providing appropriate support to them. Though the mistake is with your side or client side, try to provide a proper resolution & service to the client first.


You Overpromise and overdeliver then how does new and existing customers know that? Through testimonials. Encourage your customers to give testimonials & ratings for your service so that you can help them better. 90% of customers buy a product if there are more positive reviews and testimonials about a product and service.


Lets overpromise & overdeliver instead of underpromise & underdeliver


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