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Baahubali – An Indian Visual Grandeur moreover an Innovation

Bahubali is an Indian moreover a Telugu film which came out with a very high expectations & balanced all those expectations to proceed in breaking records one by one. This is not an easy or simple thing, but in fact a very daring attempt. The movie making process & the movie had many aspects to be a practical implementation of various stratergies need to complete even a difficult & challenging task…

Delayed Gratification – An awesome technique to achieve goal

Gratification is a pleasure, especially when gained from the satisfaction of desire says dictionary, but how to use it for our benefit to achieve our goal. Yup, this is a bit difficult, but the powerful technique in reaching your goal & in most cases it is mandatory to delay gratification though we do it, we forget we have done that. Because, we do it unknowingly like skipping TV for passing exams is nothing but delayed gratification for higher purpose

God and Gumption – to balance your effort, god’s grace

God and Gumption principle is about focusing on your efforts and truly and completely believing that God will help you for sure in your work. How should we use our belief in god to love him instead of fearing him ? and how should we use our belief in god and ourselves for us instead of against us ? and some of the similar kind of questions which always turn around the minds of many those questions can be easily answered through god and gumption principle, the principle is….

Staying cool & assertive can give you an edge

Normally, when we tend to watch any one among us reacting to a situation in a cool way to inspires everyone around him and it can also be noticed that the person who tries to stay calm & stays calm some how figures out solution to any difficult problem which seems impossible for others associated with him.
It is pretty natural that staying calm & cool gives us an edge, but the question is how to stay cool is the question?

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