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Worry, the biggest & strongest enemy

Worrying has become very common now & people are searching new reasons to worry instead of being happy. What are the pros & cons of worry? is it necessary to worry? And what does worrying does to us is very important to know else we will burn our hands due to worrying and repent later.

Do you want to be RICH ? or if you are already RICH then do you want to be more RICH ? My friend told me that, ” RICH means being contented with what you have ” then I asked him so being RICH is just a state of mind ? He said – ” YES of course it is just in your mind but not the amount of wealth you possess because I have heard about many people who were rich & peaceful even when they had nothing in their hands and about people who had enough money one can imagine but still led a bit bitter n utterly busy life….. “

Youth Arise Awake and Know Your Strength

Youth is not a phase of life but it is a ” State of Mind ” because I have read about individuals who are full of enthusiasm in their old age and of young people deeply discouraged, unhappy. So, then youth becomes a state of mind, behavior aspect than an age-related parameter. This post is about a book – Youth Arise Awake and Know your Strength, which is wonderfully written to motivate the youth in you.

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