Two types of people – ONE with Goal and ONE without

Two types of people – ONE with Goal and ONE without

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There are only two types of people in this world and that only difference between them causes a lot of difference
in their lifestyles and if that difference is there between people then irrespective of their present people can influence their future and the difference is a GOAL.


To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal. 

– A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

How can we define success? Only by our Goal and through happiness which we obtain through our goal and if we don’t have any goal then we are failing @ definition only. Without defining our success properly how can we achieve it? sounds true, right? and this GOAL alone makes a sound difference between an achiever though small or big from a non-achiever.

Goals are the destinations moreover guideposts to keep us moving in a proper direction of our destination else our efforts will be mere calorie burners than success or happiness achieving.

Achiever and Non-achiever

A person who has achieved something which is most valuable to him though it is small or big in the material world. I spoke of story told by Varun Agarwal about two IIT engineers who left college with big jobs but out of them one ended in an even higher paid job and the other as an automobile mechanic when asked for the reason of such a low job ? he replied – ” I always enjoyed repairing automobiles with my own hands than mere white collar jobs” listening to him the high paid person thought that he was never doing the things which he loved the most and was in a race always to fulfill the dreams of others.

Though he was doing a small job, he was very happy with what he was doing according to his definition of goal by his happiness but the high paid person was more a high paid slave than a low paid happy man.

A Person With Goal and Without

Going to a railway station without knowing where to go? & which train to get in? Is a best example of staying Efforts with goal and without goalwithout a goal in real life. A person without a goal can get a train immediately the moment he gets into the railway station and will reach the destination quickly than the person who has goal but where did he go is a question mark to him also similarly in real life a person without goal looks succeding temporarily and will be very happy for the moment but will find himself empty at the end of journey without anything worthwhile like the high paid employee in the previous scenario.

But, if a person with goal reaches a railway station has to wait for his train to come which can only take him to his destination & though he is waiting for good amount of time but if he has determination to wait then it is certain that he will reach his destination.

It takes very less time & very little skill to build a small buildings but to build a monument it takes more time and great skill. – Anonymous.

Don’t lose heart if everyone is doing well and you are not doing well as they because it takes very less & skill to build small buildings but as you are building a monument it takes time, be courageous and move on towards goal with just a big smile.

Small or Big Goal

Small Aim is a Crime. – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

This life is a gift given to us to prove ourselves then why should we aim small or low let us aim for something huge which even we can’t imagine in our wild dreams and then start working towards reaching that goal.

If your dreams don’t scare you then they are not big enough – Anonymous

If you set a goal very big and if you want start working on that without any demotivation in spite of failures then follow this technique by Robin Sharma, Dream big, Start small. Make daily improvements in your life and progress towards your in a small way so that you can make a big leap over time.

Warren Buffet also iterates the same point I don’t look over to jump 7 – foot bars; I look around for 1 – foot bars that I can step over. Daily small progress in our life can result in a mega progress which we could ever imagine. Progress small reap a big harvest.

So, let us Have a goal first big one then Start small automatically Dream converts into Reality.

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