Robin sharma’s black book for stunning SUCCESS – a free book but very valuable

Robin sharma’s black book for stunning SUCCESS – a free book but very valuable

Hi Learner,

Robin Sharma is a renowned author & speaker in the field of success, motivation, inspiration etc. His books the Leader without a title is my all time favorite. I have a habit of regularly following him through his uploaded videos, tweets and through his blog. While surfing through his blog which is the ocean of happiness, achievement and success literature, I have found a treasure which is absolutely free and is a gift given by him to everyone i.e., Robin Sharma’s Little black book to Stunning success.

As the name of the book suggests it is literally an awesome book to succeed in a stunning, spectacular way and to reach the goals that have been our companions and are tempting us till now & then to achieve them but we might have had some obstacles due to Black book for stunning successwhich we might have not reached them.

Sharma ji has given a wonderful picture of the important aspects in a fantastic way which are very refreshing & thought provoking. I will just pick some of the topics which have very much interested me in the book and which were my take away from the book in the post.

People who have achieved great success are not necessarily more skillful or intelligent than others. What separates them is their burning desire and thirst for knowledge. The more one knows, the more one achieves. – Robin Sharma

Why be great?

Our self esteem is powered by our self confidence, our confidence is powered by our self effort and diligence and that inturn is powered by our desire to be more in the sense greater than present in the all the ways.
Sharma has put forth a wonderful point about greatness & moreover why one should be great because (he says) living below our potential makes us unhappy, depletes our self esteem, confidence etc without them one cannot live peacefully.

Fail to win

Success is like a beautiful lover which may leaves at any time but failure is like our mother which teaches us some important lessons of Life.

Failing is dangerous as we have to withstand all the negative & silly talk which will be made on us and apart from those failing or falling in our journey causes pain to us. The fear of pain caused by failure is what stopping many people from even trying to win.
Robin ji says Unless we are ready to lose the sight of the shore we have know possibility of reaching the treasure land which we have been dreaming
And once we start trying new things we fail more than others isn’t it a wonderful insight in keeping us going though we are failing in our journey and helping us in coming out from our cocoons (sorry) comfort zone to do more, be more & have more.

Problems are servants

Problems aren’t funny, easy, enjoyable. .. instead they are horrible to both imagine & stay with but they might be opportunities in disguise that is appearing like a dagger being thrown at us but actually life is giving us a weapon to do more in an easy way or it is giving you a servant for helping you in your work because problems give us a lot of experience which might be difficult to obtain with success.
Robin ji says problems can be our loyal servants but only if we allow them to be I guess if we don’t use them as servants they push their way to be our owners & make us their servants.
So, why not enjoy their servantship rather than their ownership

No try No Win

such a simple idea; If you don’t try you won’t win

Unless we have the courage to think & dream above & beyond our failures possibilities we can’t win & unless we don’t really try we cannot at all WIN

(You can find the free book link both above and below) I am telling you DON’T MISS IT… its awesome ..

Click here to get the book 

Thanks ­­for reading. Share your views & take away from black book to stunning success and the post content with me through comments, I would be very happy to hear. If you have enjoyed reading this post then share it with your buddies.

Bye… Take care…

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