Are you running the Victory lap

Are you running the Victory lap

Hi Learner,

Do you celebrate your Victory? If Yes, then that is really awesome, but if you don’t then you are doing a mistake Celebrate your Victory
which might cost you a lot of celebration in life. So, by running the Victory lap you tend to feel the Victory which you have achieved more extensively and that alone imprints the memories of success into your Brain.

Running the Victory Lap?

Do you know what is Victory Lap? I didn’t know that something like this exists till I have seen one Video by TT.Rangarajan  – a fantastic human being and a very inspiring personality. So, he mentioned that Success or Victory has to be celebrated and he means that through Victory Lap.

What is Victory Lap?

A lap which is taken by an athlete celebrating his/her Victory is considered as Victory Lap.

Pain is temporary while Victory is Permanent. Hence, you should celebrate the permanent Victory or not?

Why should you take it?

The harder the battle, the sweeter the Victory.

In a hurry to succeed at this and that then after each and every success we aim for something even bigger, which isn’t wrong and it should be the attitude, we should never get satisfied with what we have achieved till now. But, in this hurry, we have forgotten one thing and that is a celebration to be more precise celebrating the Victory for which we have invested our blood and sweat.

What happens if you don’t celebrate?

are you running the victory lapOne thing you might have noticed the difference of treating success and failure which is Success is never celebrated
to that extent in which failure is felt. That is, we feel a lot bad when we fail, but we tend to celebrate neither big successes nor the smaller ones.

So, this has to change, we should try to do vice-versa, failure shouldn’t be treated much emotionally because it has to be analyzed to succeed next time while success has to be celebrated at great extent, however, small it may seem to you or others. If you have succeeded then celebrate it either with a small pastry which you love or by singing a song which you love and by dancing for the song which you enjoy.

The celebration should be a part of your life else there would be no reason for being alive. So, make it a habit of running the extra victory lap after you complete your success each and every time.

So, by imprinting the memories of Victory onto your Mind you are giving it a hint that you feel happy when you win and then from next time it would direct you towards your Victory instead of distracting you with some obstacles though you have to prepare for your Next Victory.

Thanks for reading. Share your views about Running the Victory Lap and the post content with me through comments, I would be very happy to hear.

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