Shoutmeet Hyderabad – A blast of blogging ideas, bloggers & Harsh agarwal

Shoutmeet Hyderabad – A blast of blogging ideas, bloggers & Harsh agarwal

Hi Learner,

I have been to the historic blogging meet – The shoutmeet held @ Hyderabad yesterday, it was really awesome experience meeting theHarsh Agarwal @ shoutmeet hero who has inspired me to start a blog of my own in live (like a dream come true), the event was literally a blast of ideas about blogging, inspiration, digital marketing & then having fun, winning goodies I wanted to share with you all those which I thought are very sound ideas and are to be used right away.

The event started with a gentle & warm hand shake of Harsh with everyone who attended the meeting, it was an awesome welcome given by Harsh to everyone who have come a long way to meet him followed by which there was an intro about everyone & his/her blog (if they have any). This post is going to be a bit lengthy so pull up your coffee mug & enjoy reading it. I have indexed the content with the links below so that you can easily navigate to the content which interests you the most.


  1. Email Subscription & its importance
  2. Why your brand should have a smart phone app
  3. Your Blog is your Home
  4. Your Decision decides your destiny – Awesome AJ
  5. Strategy is must- The fashion girl
  6. Interacting with Peer bloggers
  7. Don’t focus on Negative
  1. How do you monetize your blog?
  1. Consulting & Paid Reviews
  1. Q & A
  1. Goodies – I too won a goodie

Selfie with Harsh Agarwal

1.Email Subscription & its importance

Harsh’s Message in my understanding –

  • Email marketing is very important as we tend to get more targeted audience / organic traffic through which the conversion rate increases.
  • Emails’ are more personal and unless a person is truly willing to read your content they won’t share it with you
  • Try to personalize the email marketing through services like mail chimp, aweber which can help you to service your readers in more friendly way & increase your chances to retain your reader & increase them in more number.
  • Emails shouldn’t be annoying as if you tend to mail every day more than one email there are chances that they try to get rid of you, this is a mistake committed by many new bloggers.


2.Why your brand should have a smart phone app

Harsh’s Message –

  • How many of you have a tendency to open your eetitter or facebook app the moment you see a push notification like a new friend request, like on your page or photo or post etc? Most of them
  • This is one more way to engage users with our which can’t be done through website very easily. As it has become easy for people to access the web through their mobiles & tablets they are indeed not using PCs much to watch the blog content.
  • It is more difficult to bring readers to the blog on a mobile rather than PC and same is with retaining them as they might start on one blog and end up on some other.
  • If your blog / website has a smart phone app then it increases the chance of your content getting read by most of the users through PUSH Notifications.

3.Your Blog is your Home

How can we maintain quality on our blog? Was a question from one of the shouters who has attended the shoutmeet, the reply was

Treat your blog as if it’s your Home, that’s the best way to maintain its quality. – Harsh Agarwal (Click to Tweet)

Unless your blog has quality & quality content in it, it cannot attract readers and if it attracts it can persist to keep them engaged but quality alone has the power to keep the existing readers and to earn new readers regularly. The above solution of treating our blog like home helps us in being very careful & choosy before posting, changing and in doing any stuff with our blog.


4.Your Decision decides your destiny – Awesome AJ

This was a wonderful message conveyed by Ajay the awesome guy & he was pretty true most of the times the difference between people who have succeeded in achieving something & who aren’t doing well is the difference in their decisions & determination to keep up with their decision. With his talk, he has motivated everyone in the meet to dream, attract positivity towards (law of attraction), going towards your dreams & goals.

1.      I chose adventure over secured day time job

Ajay is not an ordinary guy, he was a management consultant for a reputed MNC before he became a full-time blogger with a high-flying job in hands & dollars, pounds dancing in front only very less chose to go for an adventure.Selfie with awesome AJ

But, Ajay listened to his heart & chose to go after his dream of inspiring people to be more as him though started his life from a lower middle class family & now reaching a pinnacle of success inspiring the world around him.

2.      My intention was to help people

When he was asked about the reason he was quitting his job, the only answer he had for himself was that he loved helping people than mere earning though he wanted to write a book to help people but, the factors which delay the process of book reaching people were more. So, he chose blogging as platform to help people & you know he has turned around the lives of almost 25 people from the brink of suicide to flying colours in life.

Isn’t that awesome as his name & his website is – guys the website is really awesome and I have already enrolled myself for the 21 days Law of Attraction course.

5.Strategy is must says The fashion girl

Pallavi RuhailPallavi Ruhail was really a fashion icon & she blogs about fashion at her blog She was very informative & has given all the shouters wonderful ideas, tips, road blocks which a blogger can face in their journey & those which she has encountered in the lives of her peer bloggers.

Her message was YOU must have a Strategy to succeed in Blogging – If you want to succeed in blogging i.e., make a decent earning through it and pursue your passion then you need to have a strategy to make it happen because nothing happens by chance.

Whatever you do, remember that it has to enhance your brand through your blog (from day 1) and if there is no defined strategy or plan to carry out then no way it is possible to build an authoritative blog for you and your content. And, what every effort, money you put into it is just an investment for your future & not a waste of time & money.


6.Interacting with Peer bloggers

In the words of Pallavi Ruhail –

  • Interacting with your fellow peer bloggers gives you an edge as you can avoid re-hashing the same technique and go on to explore new ways to achieve your objectives.
  • They can also help you in understanding how the sponsors are reacting to the peers’ work and you can plan accordingly to make your chances of getting a paid review request for them.
  • It can also solve your blogging & platform problems etc.


7.Don’t focus on Negative


The people around us always say whenever we begin that, “There are toooo.. (there is no end for ooo…) many people doing what you are about today already then where is the chance that you can succeed or something like – There is no market for this thing try something else ” But, no matter what they said and say I pursued my adventure and the outcome is fantastic – I making more than what I was making through my day time job and moreover I am truly satisfied / happy person now as I have influenced 25 people to chose life over death & got them out from a brink of suicide to flying colours in real life.

If he would have heard and stopped hearing about the comments of people above then that act would have really deceived him


Mostly we don’t have control over your social media comments where people can comment anything about your post but you don’t have to care whether or even if it is a bad or discouraging comment. Pallavi was explaining some of the comments which has received for her fb and instagram posts which were annoying & irrelevant to the post but if you/we focus on those comments we can’t do anything but if we can simply focus on increasing our productivity then that way we can benefit ourselves


What do you do to tackle Negative SEO? this was a question asked to Harsh & guess what he might have replied & the answer was I do Nothing to tackle Negative SEO, the same was the answer from Pallavi because they don’t do or even care for some negative seo they just counter attack that with their positive SEO & positive content or work.

3 heroic bloggers answering @ shoutmeet


8.How do you monetize your blog?

Ajay Mishra –

  1. Through Online courses – UDEMY
  2. EBooks
  3. Personal Consulting (after you become reputed)

Pallavi Ruhail –

  1. Paid reviews – eBay
  2. Social media posting like
    1. twitter
    2. instagram
    3. facebook etc

Harsh Agarwal –

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Direct Advertisement
  3. Paid Reviews
  4. EBooks

9.Consulting & Paid Reviews

Be careful with documentation & Negotiation
  • Better have email proofs for documentation.
  • Have a friendly phone conversation for negotiating as emails don’t always be ending up in profitable negotiations.
Be Patient when interacting with agencies
  • Be diplomatic while emailing them when they are delaying payment.
  • You have to be a bit patient if you want them to continue doing business with you.
Be careful with Brands you are reviewing

She has suggested to be very careful while reviewing as if we don’t chose good brands they might degrade our social image.

Social Image lasts more longer than we can imagine, So be very careful before you post for or against anything.

Pallavi Ruhail (Click to Tweet)


10.Q & A

Why you shouldn’t use pirated themes with null scripts

  1. Hacking – They open a backdoor for hackers to hack your blog & content
  2. Google Update can hit you – It might affect your Search engine ranking as Google algorithm updates looks for some hiding flaws in your blog/website and pirated themes come up with a lot of errors
Don’t over Tag or over categorize
  1. Adding tags & categorizing the content and enhance the user experience on your blog but, if it is too much then it can affect your Search engine ranking
How can one secure his/her blog from Hacking?
  1. Through Good Web hosting provider
  2. Securing DNS level by using Cloud Flare (which is free)
  3. Taking a back up of all your data day-to-day using wordpress back up plugins.
What should be the Blog post frequency & why is that important?
  1. Your blog post frequency can enhance your reader experience as they give an idea of when to expect a post from you.
  2. Don’t just blog for a day or two continuously and don’t vanish for a week or two which might annoy your readers and they might unsubscribe with you.
  3. Even if you post once or twice in a week, try to do that at regular intervals based on high frequency / interaction period on your blog, say every Monday @ 6 am/pm.

11.Goodies – I too won a goodie

After all the discussion was complete there were lot of goodies distributed – Give away(s) like  plugins, themes & free hosting and I have got one for me too, it was a pro version of social media plug-in.

I forgot to give my Signature & Testimonial

In a hurry to reach home as the venue was very far from my home, I forgot to give my testimonial which Harsh has asked everyone to give, except that everything else was superb & it was a great day for me .

Other than the above stories there were a lot of more activities performed & ideas shared @ #Shoutmeet which I will share with you in the coming posts with complete evident information and examples after I implement them and understand them better so that they can be more benefitting & because most of the tips or ideas I got from the meet where new to me.

Thanking Harsh, Ajay, Pallavi a million for sharing such valuable information & insights…

Thanks for reading. Share your views about the post content with me through comments, I would be very happy to hear them. If you have enjoyed reading this post then share it with your buddies & Do subscribe to my blog for more interesting stuff through the right top text box – We mail you valuable stuff, Trust me.

Bye… take care…


I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @,

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