Someday Island – The Land of excuses

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Someday Island is an island which can be reached by people who do things only on someday. In detail people who stay on this island will never do anything today but they do it only on someday or they only say / postpone that they will do it on someday. The people who are staying on this island are suffering from excuses and will postpone all the activities to some day. I have heard about it while listening to a book No Excuses – The Miracle of Self Discipline by Brian Tracy.someday island

No Excuses

There are a thousand excuses for failure but never a good reason. – Mark Twain

Don’t ever use your fantastic brain – The most powerful organ of your body to count the excuses for not doing anything says Brian Tracy. He is very much true because every one of us possess a super computer with us which is situated between our two ears and our economic status depends on the economy of that computer only and not on external economy or recession or competition.

Brain Tracy has suggested a wonderful technique to differentiate whether our excuse is really an excuse or a true problem. If any other person on the earth has never faced the same problem which you are facing right now and has succeeded in his journey then your problem is an excuse else it is really a problem. I hope you don’t think that the problem you are facing is not really a problem but a mere excuse because there might be some or even many who would have faced the same problem or more difficult problems than the one you are mentioning and have succeeded.

Excuse !!! then Put it on Paper

It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.  – George Washington

The moment your mind is coming up with an excuse for not doing anything put that excuse on paper and the moment you do that 30% of problem is solved, the next 70% is to think over whether the excuse is a real problem or not. If it’s an excuse then no more listening to our mind just shutting it down and proceeding forward but if it is a real problem then work on finding a solution for that problem and please remember there has never been a problem in this world for which there was no solution.

Victimhood is the VISA for someday island

The pessimist complains about the wind.

The optimist expects it to change.

The Leader adjusts the sails.

– John Maxwell

How can one go to someday island, playing like a victim i.e., pessimist instead of a Leader. A Leader always looks for possibility and not for excuses and if you want to know about the people who stay on someday island then you can start focusing on the problems and making excuses you can easily get there.

And the beauty of someday island is if don’t start thinking like a leader then you are already on your way to someday island without any additional effort needed, no effort towards possibility lands you easily on the land of excuses.

Anti-Dote to Excuses

Self discipline is doing things whether you feel like doing them or not. – Brian Tracy

Self-Discipline alone gets you away from someday island and lands you on a land of success and happiness where everyone dreams of going in their lifetime. The difficulty with self-discipline is not living with it but starting to develop it because it is always hard to develop good habits but very easy to live with them and the opposite is also true it is easy to develop bad habits but very difficult to live with them.

Everything seems difficult before it gets easy, when we were very young in our kindergarten it would be very difficult for us to both read and write mere alphabets but now we are able to read, write, interpret, summarize, conclude lengthy passages with ease How ? because we have practiced a lot without losing our mettle in the journey of mastering words then sentences then paragraphs then passages then essays then books etc.. etc.. that is the trick.

You have to be determined to get off your excuses and start develop a strong self-discipline through which you gain additionally self-mastery and self-esteem. You need to believe that you have a strong potential to be more disciplined in what you do. Believing in yourselves takes you 50% towards your goal then the rest of it keep believing that is the only way one gets to the destination. 

When we begin to work earnestly in the world, nature gives us blows right and left and soon enables us to find out our position. No man can long occupy satisfactorily a position for which he is not fit.  – Swami Vivekananda

In the above phrase nature can be external world through criticism, envy, discouragement etc.. or our internal bad, old & sick habits which might be holding us back when we are trying to get up. The first step is only very difficult my friend but the journey will be smooth only don’t lose faith and don’t Quit. Remember,

Quitters Never WIN and Winners Never QUIT.


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