Spending time with yourself makes you happy, focused and successful

Spending time with yourself makes you happy, focused and successful

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Do you ever spend time with yourself? If Yes, then you are awesome, but if your answer is NO then you are missing a chance to improve the relationship which is of most important to you. This post is about the relationship with self, so let’s begin by spending time with yourself.

Our concerns

Talk to yourself Once in a Day… Otherwise, You may miss meeting An Excellent person – Spending time with yourself

If you are in any relationship with others then you would definitely take care of their concerns and the things which are troubling them. If you can do any possible thing for their happiness it makes you immensely happy.

The same technique can be followed in the relationship with yourself. For example, if you don’t like to sleep late in the night and if you are being asked to spend time during the late night at your workplace then you can explain your Boss or workplace colleagues about the issue and sort out a solution for this. But, what most of the people do is, they give importance to work, others & everyone in the world except themselves due to which they do what others want from them, but they eat themselves at the bottom of their heart.


Focus on WIN – WIN

Giving importance to self-doesn’t mean that we have to say NO to everyone whenever we wish to say NO instead we have to analyze a constructive solution through which both the parties (you & opposite) are satisfied. In the above scenario, the WIN – WIN can be

  1. Promising the Boss or colleagues saying you can spend more time in office coming early than leaving late or
  2. You can ask them to shift your work to morning so that you can finish the work assigned to you.
  3. You can ask them for a Work from home option so that you can support late night activities from home.

There can be numerous solutions to any problem, but only if you are determined to make both yourself happy and others also at the same time. A small description of 3 types of behaviors possible here.

  1. You WIN, I LOSE – If you give importance to the happiness of others then you eat your heart yourself at the bottom and hurt the relationship with self this way, even though the whole world is happy with you, you can’t be happy with yourself.
  2. I WIN, You LOSE – This way can make you happy, but you can’t satisfy others and it can never lead you to greatness. And, it also portrays you as a selfish person in front of others and you can never be trusted by others.
  3. I WIN, You WIN – This is one of the most efficient technique, through which both others and yourself can be happy, try to tackle your problems in this way through which you would be more and more happy and successful in your life. In addition, your style would be copied by others and soon turns you into an effective leader.


Spending time with yourself

You might have heard about meditation, else it is a process of giving rest to the physical body and focusing on your mental self, i.e. your thoughts. This is the best way to know more about yourself, you might know very little about yourself if you don’t practice meditation, but as you practice meditation the relationship with yourself gets better, the quality of your life gets better, as a result, you become more and more successful. You have to get trained to do meditation because it involves a set of breathing exercise simultaneously to let the quality of your meditation improve. Because your thoughts depend on your breathing. You can contact a good trainer for this nearby your location.

Other than meditation there is one more simple technique and that is silence, we have almost forgotten about silence living in this highly noisy world. But, silence is an awesome exercise which soothes your soul as it enjoys the silence.


Talking to a fool is gossip

Talking to a Sadhu is Satsang

Talking to a friend is chat

Talking to a boss is communication

Talking to a student is teaching

Talking to a voter is canvassing

Talking to the depressed is counseling

Talking to an enemy is anger

Talking to oneself is brooding

Talking to God is Prayer

Talking to none is Silence

And Silence is Yoga – Power Your Mind Book


Practice intentional silence at least for 10 min a day, an average adult spends less than 60 min in proper silence says, Robin Sharma. You might have got the definition of silence from the above text. So, start practicing silence through which you will come to know your concerns more effectively, what you like the most TV or books, entertainment or education, love or hate, healthy or junk food.

All your concerns are nothing more than your thoughts if you know your concerns effectively then it becomes easy to understand what makes you truly happy. Once you know what is that makes you really happy? Then it becomes simple to do more of those things and thus improve the relationship with self.

A small walk with yourself

Spending time with yourself can be done with a small walk in your religious place where you can sit in calm and peace with only yourself, mostly you can find great silence and peace there. One other place where you can find such silence, serenity is nature, spend time in nature, it is one other form of goodness and god. As it is pure, happy and calm.

And, if you keep spending time with God, nature, yourself automatically your relationship with yourself gets better, as a result, your focus on tasks which matter the most to you increases, as a result, you would be happier as a result you would be more successful as a result you lead a life inspiring yourself as well as people surrounding you + others as well.


Spending time with yourself increases your happiness and focus which increases your chances of success.

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I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @ learningispassion.com, bloggingispassion.com

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