Stan Wawrinka vs Novak Djokovic – French Open Final, a treasure of lessons

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I have read about the French Open final between Stan Wawrinka & Novak Djokovic, reading about the match I have found a lot of lessons from the way Wawrinka played and thought of sharing them with you.

Match against the number one

There were many hurdles against Wawrinka compared Djokovic as Djokovic is an accomplished Superstar of Stanislas Wawrinka - French Open Finaltennis world currently and he is in a fantastic form through which he was having consecutive wins in many matches since he many of his present and previous games. Djokovic has also defeated Nadal, Murray.

And, moreover Djokovic was trying for his career slam by winning on the Clay court. So, the way Djokovic will compete would also be very terrific and can be one more hurdle for Wawrinka. But, I guess he has not focused on the hurdles instead his focus was only on the goal only.

He has boldly faced the odds in front of him, in the same way how he goes against the tennis ball with the racket with a lot of hope & courage.

Wawrinka has not given up

Added to the previous hurdles, Wawrinka has lost the first set badly and everyone in that situation could have easily given up the confidence of winning but the desire to win the court didn’t allow Wawrinka to give up and he has not lost his heart even after losing the first set and did a fresh beginning after that also and that determination and strong desire has landed him in the joy of victory against all the hurdles and difficulties.

Giving up is easy but staying out there in the match until it completes is also equivalent to the victory and same has been proved by Wawrinka, he hasn’t given up until the match has finished and this determination alone made him the winner.

The Humble Djokovic

However, we have to credit the humbleness of Djokovic even after losing the match in which he was the favorite Novak Djokovic - French Open Finalto win. He has complimented his fellow player even more and has left a challenge that he will get himself ready for the next year. That’s the spirit of the true sportsman.

It is very difficult for me to speak right now, In life there are some things which are much greater than victories, they are character & respect. Stan is a really a good hearted Champion and you deserve this title. I will come here again next year for the title. – Novak Djokovic ( A true sportsman) @ French Open Final, 2015

French Open Final Hero – Wawrinka

Finally, there can only be one winner for a match and after an interesting tennis fight, Wawrinka has won over Djokovic added to that he has won his first ever French open title. Congrats Wawrinka as Djokovic said – You deserve this title.

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