How to start Blogging. ?

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How to start Blogging?In this post we shall discuss on the ways of starting a blog. There are basically two ways to start a blog
Free hosting – Blogspot, wordpress
Paid/ self hosting – Through your own hosting

Free Hosting

In this type of hosting you can take help of other hosting companies who offer free hosting web space for you to hold your blog in their servers/space. The popular free hosting platforms are Blogger, WordPress.

  1. It is free
  2. You don’t have to worry about the performance as it is not in your hands.
  1. You don’t have any control over it.
  2. The free hosting sites can terminate your blog without any notice
  3. You can’t monetize your blog in all the ways.
  4. There are hell lot of restrictions.

Paid Hosting

In Paid hosting you have to buy a domain name from a domain selling site or ORG and host a website pointing to the domain name which you have bought through a hosting company. The following are some famous and reliable hosting companies –

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostgator
  3. Dreamhost
  1. You have complete control over the blog
  2. You can back up your blog content
    1. Monetize your blog
    2. Update & Enhance the performance of your blog.
  3. Copyright your content
  4. Start marketing your business
  1. You have to manage things like
    1. Performance
    2. Design
    3. Structure
  2. You have to pay & take the pain of choosing a good hosting plan to benefit you the maximum.

Free hosting Vs Paid Hosting

Free hosting is advisable for beginners because there are some limitations in paid hosting like
You can’t change your

  • Domain name
  • Hosting plan or company/provider
  • Themes

which might limit you if you take a decision quickly without any practice or experience, if you run a free hosted blog for a while & when you experience the limitations and need for the Paid hosting then you can well go ahead to step into the professional blogging through your own self-hosted blog.

Paid hosting has to be done carefully otherwise it can have a severe impact on your blogging & blog. As, you have keep an account of a lot of aspects in mind while you start it, like ?

  1. Blogging for money or not?
  2. Blogging for name & fame ?
  3. Blogging for marketing ?
  4. Blogging for service ?

because you have to manage all the aspects to be accommodated in your blog in order to fulfill your dreams.

Finally, blogging is not so difficult to start but I advise you to take a quick step in this journey and learn by doing than by just

How to start blogging?
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thinking. Even, I was in a dilemma whether to start a blog or not before starting the one which you are reading now but I have taken a step forward in order to learn something new and frankly I am learning a lot of things everyday. Before, there was some time to get bored but now there is no time at all left to think of it at least.

Go ahead take the first step in blogging and make a mark of yours in the Blogosphere….

There is a lot left to share about starting a blog which you can find in the further posts so subscribe to keep updated & don’t forget to share the post if you like it & queries can be posted through the comments.

Happy blogging…

Bye…. Take care…

I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @,

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