Success runs after Excellence

Success runs after Excellence

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Most of us aim to be successful (in fact all of us, even birds,animals or say every living creature has a strong desire to succeed) at some or the other act, defining success can be done by saying – Getting / acquiring what one want(s).

The Want/Desire to succeed is interesting

It is interesting because if everyone wants to succeed then why not everyone is succeeding?
Wanting success alone is enough or one has to do something else also for that?
The formula for success isn’t constant either as people who succeed today aren’t guaranteed a success tomorrow, why is it that way?

The biggest problem with going or running after success is our journey might comprise of both success & its opposite failure also.

Becoming No. 1
(C) Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Movie

And, how becoming happy / excited / proud are natural when we succeed similarly becoming sad / de-motivated / inferior / insecure are even more natural when we fail.

Nothing fails like success

Mr. JN Reddy says in his book that running after success or number 1 makes one feel complacent or satisfied or proud which results in taking things lite and thus the No. 1 slot slips of our lot next time. Added to that if we have to aim to succeed then indirectly we are expecting others to fail which is the quality of a Traitor ie. expecting or wishing the failure of others as It is said Nothing fails like success.

But, some legends day that – if we aim for some different target than success then we shall succeed for sure always & moreover success hasn’t got any other option than following us.

It means that success is bound to come with us for sure, if we target for that.

What is that???
Does that guarantee success always? If Yes, How?
How to target that & achieve that?
If it guarantees success then why don’t everyone aims for that?

It is excellence that is aiming at our best at each & every act one does. And, If one runs after excellence or doing his/her(s) best then becoming Number 1 won’t be one’s goal instead it would be just a station or platform in the journey bringing wonderful experiences to achieve more & more by working harder everyday and every moment (which is innovation) and by which one never expects failure of others instead becomes a key role in helping others to succeed.

Excellence is not an act its a habit – Aristotle

Success runs after Excellence

If you have the nectar of excellence then bees of success & opportunity will come in search of you in all the directions.

I have never seen any name board or not even an advertisement posted on a flower saying it has more nectar than others but still how come bees come in search of them & identify one flower among others. How do they know that this flower has nectar?Success runs after excellence
I think it’s the beauty of nature which will make our excellence blossom if we are excellent and what are bees in the scenario if we are flowers and our nectar is excellence they are nothing but the opportunities.

The Very moment you start chasing excellence, opportunities come in many and you would have so much work at hand that you cannot even get the time to rest & at that moment overwhelmed with work & opportunities at which you are playing @ your excellence, success is bound to run after you instead of you running for it and you wouldn’t be willing to take rest instead your enthusiasm and capacity increase by a million folds.

Theory for becoming a Master

Excellence is just a synonym of Mastery

There is a theory or s method for becoming a master i.e., the 10000 hours or 7 years of continuous effort in any industry can tranform a person to become a master in that field or subject. This theory is very much true as stated by almost all the successful who agree that their success was a result of practice and that too not just practice but deliberate practice.

We are excellent already

Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man. – Swami Vivekananda

As Swami ji said every person is excellent and can achieve any goal with his perfection but inorder to do that one has to achieve it or know it for himself and the journey is never ending and ever challenging leading new folds of manifestation as we become near to perfection.

This can be understood by a small instant from the life of Chandrasekhara Paramacharya (Kanchi Kamakoti Peetadipathi) who lived his life as how scriptures dictated a sanyasi to be lived (Sage of Kanchi – Watch this Video to know about him), he was an living encyclopedia and could have answered any question from the scriptures as he has learned them thoroughly. He was asked his one question numerous times how did Kanchi peetam get the name kamakotiHe has almost answered it for some thousand times but even after answering so many times, when anyone again asks that question he paused for a while and then gave the answer. I think this is a wonderful example of how Aristotle conveyed that excellence is just not an act it’s a habit. 

His words’ were so powerful that even he spoke a small set of phrases they got translated in more than 50 languages due to the wonderful content in them but still he paused, thought for a while and only then gave answer for a small question.

So, let’s aim for excellence instead of success and become excellent patriot inspiring others to excellence instead of becoming traitors hoping for the failure of others.

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