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Victim To the Titan Spectrum – A superb free tool to transform yourself in 90 days by Robin Sharma

Only the mediocre are always at their best wrote Jean Giraudoux, a French writer. To be frank, he is right, and his thought holds efficiently… good in this age, as people who don’t update them regularly (in modern times) meet their end. The technology of today is often termed as cutting edge may be because it can either cut our challenges if we know how to use it or cut ourselves if we don’t know to use & upgrade it. A superb tool to help you improve easily, effectively designed by Robin Sharma…

Nick Vujicic – Life without LIMBS or without LIMITS

Have you ever imagined a life without limbs(or limits) i.e., without limbs or without limits. The latter is little difficult and impractical to visualise while the former one is pretty frightening to imagine. Because, the post which you are reading now cannot be written by me too without my limbs. I think that the life would become completely dependent on others & horrible if we don’t have limbs.

One question came to my mind on the Gandhi Jayanthi on why is he called the Father of the Nation exactly? and my mind came up with some arguments in support of that based on my association with that great personality through his books, quotes, messages & speeches of great people about him.

What would U do when a dagger or challenge is thrown at U?

You are standing still and some threw a dagger @ u, you have 2 options catching it with handle or blade. If u catch by blade then it hurts u similarly a problem or challenge is thrown @ u, if you catch it as a lesson or experience like catching the dagger with handle it will take you forward as a weapon takes you forward in a battle, but if you catch it with blade….

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