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Overpromise and Overdeliver – Secret to success

There are many people (competition) in business (for that matter any business), but only very few people will be dominating the market. It is not rare that we see only those few players get lot of customers & customers are always happy with the service offered by them. Why does this h

Fantastic lessons from Bahubali movie

You know Bahubali wouldn’t have become a wonderful film just with its Visual Grandeur. But, the story, strategies used by the hero in the movie & his attitude towards difficulties have made it a huge success. I have observed it has some wonderful techniques which even we can use to be more effective in our activities & be a Bahubali ourselves.

Success runs after Excellence

Most of us aim to be successful (in fact all of us, even birds,animals or say every living creature has a strong desire to succeed) at some or the other act, defining success can be done by saying – Getting / acquiring what one want(s). But, there is a way to always succeed without aiming for being successful…

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