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Overpromise and Overdeliver – Secret to success

There are many people (competition) in business (for that matter any business), but only very few people will be dominating the market. It is not rare that we see only those few players get lot of customers & customers are always happy with the service offered by them. Why does this h

Cockroach theory is a short but wonderful story which is a true one indeed noticed by the person sitting next to the table watching the reaction of various people when cockroach was jumping on them through which the person concludes on how we can handle our tensions, worries the same way, how the cockroach is handled in the story.

Varun agarwal is a first generation entrepreneur who has started out from an engineering failure to co founding a multi-million dollar company. His story is very interesting and inspiring. He is a very good author and even his words are very inspiring and can transform a person’s mediocre mind set into an ever learning innovator, his life lessons and life are …

Price and Value sound very similar but they are very different in terms of meaning. Knowing their difference can make you a good investor and successful in terms of money and give an additional control over the way you spend your money and the time you take in spending the money.

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