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Cockroach theory is a short but wonderful story which is a true one indeed noticed by the person sitting next to the table watching the reaction of various people when cockroach was jumping on them through which the person concludes on how we can handle our tensions, worries the same way, how the cockroach is handled in the story.

God and Gumption – to balance your effort, god’s grace

God and Gumption principle is about focusing on your efforts and truly and completely believing that God will help you for sure in your work. How should we use our belief in god to love him instead of fearing him ? and how should we use our belief in god and ourselves for us instead of against us ? and some of the similar kind of questions which always turn around the minds of many those questions can be easily answered through god and gumption principle, the principle is….

Most of the time we don’t live in today mentally though we are living in today physically that is the cause of 95% of our problems & solution to these problems is in today only and can never be be found by focusing on any thing other than today. Everyone is so busy thinking about and past and future that they are least bothered about the task which they have at their hand due to which they can’t focus on this task and fail to achieve their best at it then how can we focus on today ? By

Do you want to be RICH ? or if you are already RICH then do you want to be more RICH ? My friend told me that, ” RICH means being contented with what you have ” then I asked him so being RICH is just a state of mind ? He said – ” YES of course it is just in your mind but not the amount of wealth you possess because I have heard about many people who were rich & peaceful even when they had nothing in their hands and about people who had enough money one can imagine but still led a bit bitter n utterly busy life….. “

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