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Gratitude – Key to instant happiness

Aristotle wrote, The ultimate purpose of human existence is Happiness. So, the next question would be – is there any technique to be happy? I have found one technique for that and that is Gratitude. Practicing gratitude can make you happy almost instantly. And, moreover, it is very easy to practice Gratitude.

Go to bed as a Winner

Every night when we get to sleep, we tend to immerse in a rebuilding of ourselves physically & mentally through our thoughts, our dreams, our fears (if we have any) etc. Every day is our life in a miniature says, Brain Tracy. If we have to start a whole new life with a lot of enthusiasm tomorrow then should we not have a million dollar sleep tonight?

Tough times dont last but tough people do

Tough times don’t last but tough people do – I have read this quote in one book and it has attracted me very much because if a person passing through a tough time is given a hope that those tough times would not last forever and they are indeed helping him to become a better and tough person then that would be the greatest encouragement any person in that situation can get. Tough times often are like opportunities thrown onto us by others in the form of stones which can be used to build a strong foundation.

God and Gumption – to balance your effort, god’s grace

God and Gumption principle is about focusing on your efforts and truly and completely believing that God will help you for sure in your work. How should we use our belief in god to love him instead of fearing him ? and how should we use our belief in god and ourselves for us instead of against us ? and some of the similar kind of questions which always turn around the minds of many those questions can be easily answered through god and gumption principle, the principle is….

Confidence is a very important characteristic in achieving anything worthwhile. Every achiever to be noted is a very confident person and that has only helped him to reach his goals. How can we develop confidence then ? Let us discuss about one of the important characteristic which can make us feel confident instantly & help us in reaching our dreams & goals.

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