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AdviceAdda – You have a problem they have an expert advice

Life is an interesting journey where we travel without knowing where we shall be tomorrow & what experiences it shall bring with it. In the process of moving forward in life, we tend to face obstacles some of which we knew how to solve, some we don’t know how to solve. And, we look for help.

Nick Vujicic – Life without LIMBS or without LIMITS

Have you ever imagined a life without limbs(or limits) i.e., without limbs or without limits. The latter is little difficult and impractical to visualise while the former one is pretty frightening to imagine. Because, the post which you are reading now cannot be written by me too without my limbs. I think that the life would become completely dependent on others & horrible if we don’t have limbs.

Tough times dont last but tough people do

Tough times don’t last but tough people do – I have read this quote in one book and it has attracted me very much because if a person passing through a tough time is given a hope that those tough times would not last forever and they are indeed helping him to become a better and tough person then that would be the greatest encouragement any person in that situation can get. Tough times often are like opportunities thrown onto us by others in the form of stones which can be used to build a strong foundation.

Worry, the biggest & strongest enemy

Worrying has become very common now & people are searching new reasons to worry instead of being happy. What are the pros & cons of worry? is it necessary to worry? And what does worrying does to us is very important to know else we will burn our hands due to worrying and repent later.

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