Tough times dont last but tough people do

Tough times dont last but tough people do

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Tough times dont last but tough people do – I have read this quote in one book and it has attracted me very much because if a person passing through a tough time is given a hope that those tough times would not last forever and they are indeed helping him to become a better and tough person then that would be the greatest encouragement any person in that situation can get. Tough times often are like opportunities thrown onto us by others in the form of stones which can be used to build a strong foundation.

Tough times

Tough times. .. Uhhh…They are very difficult phases of life. Hard to stay happy, easily getting angry but staying calm forcefully to be safe and to avoid additional problems that may arise if we confront with our anger. Suppressing all our emotions though we feel like exhibiting them on people who are bothering us.

sometimes life is gonna hit you on the head with a brick, don’t lose Faith.
– Steve Jobs

It’s often hard to pass those hard times which bring a lot of burden with them and Tough times dont last but tough people dosimply place them on our head though we are willing to hold them or not, at times the load increases so high that we get frustrated, irritated, screwed to the peaks which will result in becoming stone hearted & that we will prepare also prepare yourself boldly to face anything & everything even if its like facing the whole world boldly standing against you though you are alone.

We are forced to play the role of victim where though we are not to be blamed, we are given the whole negative credit for the failure of task and we are left over with no options than staying silent though internally we want to shout out the truth. We have to simply bow down our head and walk away accepting that its our fault and now work on its fix.

Tough times dont last forever – Dont lose hope

LIFE is gonna knock you down in some situations but you can choose whether or not to get back up.

– The Karate kid

There will be a saturation point to facing all the above mentioned situations and do you think they gonna last forever ? The answer is both Yes and No.

Yes, if you don’t choose to learn as much as possible from your tough times and become a wise and intelligent individual and keep on worrying about your life, cursing your stars, past, family, economy etc. then you are playing a victim
No, because Tough times dont last but tough people do. Those tough times make you so very tough that you & the people around will be astonished to see a terrific change in you and the way you are working, perceiving the situations. Tough times often take you to a new level, this is one of the best metaphor to describe tough times.

climbing onto a mountain

If you’re climbing a mountain and your destination is to reach the top of a mountain in the middle of your journey you will definitely facing a lot of obstacles & one of them is a you find a mountain cliff in your way.

They seem impossible to cross and you would be struggling for sure to the max of your capacity because you will be very tired due to  the trekking you did till now but if you try harder and harder to get over that obstacle even after repeated failure attempts because there is no other option than crossing the obstacle to reach your destination (Mountain top).

Finally you will get over the cliff and now that Cliff would serve you as a resting place now in climbing even more higher with enthusiasm to reach the mountain top – (Story inspired from Vijay Eswaran’s thought from Sphere of Silence)


In Life, tough times are also like those mountain cliffs which may seem difficult and impossible to get over but if After climbing a mountainwe keep on trying to get over them then we can get over them & they can take accelerate our journey towards our destination so that we can reach it quickly.

It’s awful tasting a medicine but I guess the patient needs it. – Steve Jobs

Tough times taste like bitter medicines but they heal some of our internal weaknesses which even we are not aware of and which are stopping our progress without our notice..

The greatest problem in life is when any one is made to face a challenge or problem instead of solving the problem people search for reasons for the cause of problem and search for people to blame, a problem can be solved only when a person thinks in the first not in the second.

Read : Carrier’s 3 step principle

Carrier’s principle is a very good technique to solve any problem which relates to how he has solved his own problem and identified a technique in that way which he has used rest of his whole life for solving any problem that has come in front of him.

Trust yourself & Remember your achievements

But how to stay patient and cool even in the difficult times and not lose hope? By having an unmoved faith & belief in yourself no matter how bad the things are going right now. And reminding yourself of your previous achievements & using that courage and confidence to solve present problems is one other technique to strengthen your faith and belief.

One more important thing, compliments are like motivation tonic to our mind to do more, in tough times we don’t get them from anybody and indeed we get extra criticism which de-motivates you and can steal the available motivation. We alone have to take responsibility of our motivation, we can use this technique when we receive negative comments or criticism from anyone Stay Deaf to Useless criticism but very attentive to positive criticism

Finally, Be happy my friend there has never been or will be a wonderful person like you on this earth again (replace you with your own name) .

This post is dedicated to all those tough people like you who have proven the fact that – Tough times don’t last but tough people do

Thanks for reading. Share your views about tough times and the post with me through comments. Do Share the post with your buddies if you like it.

Bye …. Take care. ..

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