UTS INSEARCH – The best pathway to get to University of Technology Sydney – UTS

UTS INSEARCH – The best pathway to get to University of Technology Sydney – UTS

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UTS INSEARCH INSIDERS is a program through which you can really understand about the life of a student at The University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia.

The benefit of this program is you can directly interact with the students of UTS through chat, email, social media. This post is about how INSIDERS can help you to understand more about UTS and life at UTS.

Know about University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a student at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) – the #1 young university in Australia and #8 young university in the world?

UTS no 1 youth university ranking

Situated in the heart of Sydney, UTS has been awarded a 5-star rating by QS™ for 2014-2016 in various fields like teaching, research, internationalization, employability of graduates, innovation, access, facilities, etc. This dynamic and innovative university paves the way for a number of both domestic and international students to build their career in their fields of interest.

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University of Technology Sydney
The amazing Dr Chau Chak Wing Building AKA The UTS Business School Building

Glimpse of Student Lifestyle

UTS not only caters to all the requirements of students but also offers a number of state-of-the art, world class facilities such as:

  1. Well-equipped library – UTS Library is one of the biggest and most technologically advanced libraries in Australia
  2. More than 100 societies/clubs – To brush up your creativity and quench your thirst for learning
  3. Academic Support – You can get plenty of academic support, so you don’t have to worry about lagging behind on any topic or subject!
  4. Health and fitness centres for you to keep yourself fit and healthy
UTS Students Science Lab
UTS Students working at the Science lab, Photo Credit: Anna Zhu


Securing admission in UTS is not easy because of the intense competition among the domestic and international students. However, UTS:INSEARCH which is its pathway institute, makes admission and studying in UTS possible with its excellent diploma courses, which prepares aspiring students to enter the university and also be successful in their chosen subjects. You can call it the stepping stone to UTS.
Know more about the premium pathway institute at – UTS:INSEARCH



You might wonder why you should choose to go to UTS via UTS: INSEARCH. The answer is simple: Once you study at UTS:INSEARCH, you have a better chance of getting into UTS. The pathway gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself better in terms of academics, student lifestyle and much more. Following are the major advantages –
Fast Track into  the second year of a UTS Bachelor Degree – At UTS:INSEARCH, you spend the first-year pursuing a diploma course after which  you become eligible to join the UTS Bachelor’s Degree in the second year.

Strong connection with UTS 

High success rate – 90% of the students succeed in joining the second year at UTS post their diploma at UTS:INSEARCH

Excellent and supportive environment for learning

State of the art facilities

Fee   –  excellent support by UTS:INSEARCH. You can find all the information here: Click Here

Part time jobs are allowed by the university along with the diploma.

Watch this video to get a tour of the UTS:INSEARCH



UTS Insiders is a program which enables you to learn about the first hand experiences of 12 student ambassadors from UTS and UTS:INSEARCH, and to directly interact with them on their website or the Insiders’ individual Instagram accounts.
This platform will help you discover what these international students of UTS and UTS:INSEARCH really feel about their student experience and their life in Sydney in general. Know about their challenges, their experiences and more! Isn’t that really cool? Follow the UTS Insiders here: Click Here

You can get in touch with them on Instagram and ask them questions to get their views and suggestions.


You can read about some of these insiders below, along with the details of their respective field of study, ranging from Business, Science, Engineering and more:

CJ – Business Marketing and Management

You can follow CJ (Chirag) to know more about the Business course at UTS. Get in touch with him on Instagram –


Dipal – Public Communication

Dipal can help you understand how it feels to study at UTS as a Public Communication student. Her goal is to be a Public Relation Executive. She loves travelling and trying new things! You can get in touch with her on Instagram here – Dipal.

Animesh - Animation Insider
Animesh – Design and Architecture

Meet Animesh who has an interesting dream career- to be an Animator at Pixar Studio, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Company. Catch up with him on Instagram here – Instagram-Animesh

Sesh – Engineering

Sesh is a certified diver! You can get regular updates about his interesting experiences on his Instagram feed! To know anything about engineering at UTS, you can get in touch with him.

Dimple - Medical Science INSIDER
Dimple – Science

Dimple can help you with information required about courses related medical science at UTS. She is also an amazing cook!

A useful study tip from Dimple – Make a timetable and stick to it. Keep it somewhere visible, like above your bed.

Find out more information here – Courses offered by UTS INSEARCH and UTS INSIDERS

UTS World class Library
UTS Students at the world class UTS Library

Apply for UTS and UTS:INSEARCH now

If you are looking for an opportunity to study abroad in order to sharpen your skills and build a great career, then UTS is the place to be. At UTS, you can have amazing experiences in Sydney while studying in one of the finest universities in the world. To learn more about UTS and UTS:INSEARCH, click on the links below or simply get in touch with one of the UTS INSIDERS.

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