Victim To the Titan Spectrum – A superb free tool to transform yourself in 90 days by Robin Sharma

Victim To the Titan Spectrum – A superb free tool to transform yourself in 90 days by Robin Sharma

Hi Learner,

Only the mediocre are always at their best wrote Jean Giraudoux, a French writer. To be frank, he is right, and his thought holds efficiently… good in this age, as people who don’t update them regularly (in modern times) meet their end. The technology of today is often termed as cutting edge may be because it can either cut our challenges if we know how to use it or cut ourselves if we don’t know to use & upgrade it.

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Why & How to improve/innovate?

I consider improvement is nothing but innovation in a crude form, as we have discussed above why we need to innovate (sorry improve) ourselves above. But, how can we innovate, in the above article of Innovation Vs Stagnation I have shared an important & easy technique to improve based on my research & experience.

Tools always make us happy

Tools are beautiful creations because they make the human life comfortable in an endeavor let it be eating with spoon, fork, Victim to the Titan Spectrum by Robin Sharmaetc., drinking with the straw, tin, etc., transport through a cycle, car, bicycle, etc… So, tools make us happy by making our activities easy. Do you know I have recently found a tool rather someone emailed me that tool (through IMAP/POP) sorry to get little technical, the point is Mr. Robin Sharma has emailed me an tool to switch from Victim to Titan or from stagnation to innovation.

Wait.. wait.. I am beating around the bush, let me come to the point – Robin Sharma has created a tool that helps
almost anyone for his/her self-improvement and he emailed me his tool (as I am his follower).

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Victim to the Titan Spectrum tool

The tool name is Victim to the Titan Spectrum, this is one incredible free tool that I am working with from the recent times & it has the potential to transform your dreams into reality, it can give you the power to get over the victim inside you & emerge as a titan.

How to use it?

Victim to the Titan Spectrum


Mr. Sharma has created a list of arena’s like creativity, productivity, etc. & the similar behaviors of Titan’s & Victim’s behavior in those.

You need to go through those list items and rate the victim & Titan inside you (honestly 😉 ) after doing that. Following are the steps to use the tool easily

  1. Rate yourself for each item.
  2. Calculate your victim score & Titan Score for each item.
  3. Subtract your Victim rating from Titan Rating for each item.
  4. Calculate all the results from the subtraction to get your Titan Number

Once you get your Titan Number, do set a 90-day target to improve in it. This tool is a variant of SWOT Analysis which puts our weaknesses in front of us. Once yo know your weakness & Victim areas you can work on them to improve. Isn’t it making your heart beat a little stronger listening that you will transform yourself in coming 90 days.. Superb then go ahead & grab the tool from Mr. Sharmaji’s website

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