Warning to Blogging newbies

Hi Learner,

I have started real Blogging with Learningispassion.com though I was blogging previously warning to blogging newbiessuryakonduru.blogspot.com I was doing it just for fun but now I am bit serious to blog as I wanted to do something productive with my time instead of just passing my time in some useless activities.

I have drawn my inspiration to blog from Harsh Agarwal & Imran Uddin who are professionals @ blogging.
As a newbie, I don’t know many things about blogging & how to blog, at the same time the wild expectations I had ( I think every newbie has these expectations )

1. To get good traffic and keep on checking the website statistics every now & then.
2. To read lot of new things inorder to post something very Good and informative for my readers.
3. Spend days & nights on the blog to do something great overnight.
4. If speaking to friends or family members then that will only be about Blog & Blogging ( nothing else ). Etc.

It is said that Too much is Too BAD & it is very well said because by doing something too much & above threshold point we tend disturb the flow and end up doing nothing fruitful, doing all the above things we shall be  losing balance of your regular life expecting something great in short time. We are beginning our blog or blogging career only to get out of a rat race which is existing in our respective fields & what now we are landing into a new race in order to quit the existing one.
what’s the result of these actions?
We’ll lose heart in blogging after some time as we get bored if you try to learn everything & execute everything as soon as possible it gives rise to tension, fear, anxiety..etc all these are very powerful negative emotions
everything takes its time

Blogging is fun, but it is more fun & happy if we don’t do it for money, fame etc.

– Harsh Agarwal (Pro Blogger @ shoutmeloud.com)

You can’t reap mangos tomorrow by planting a Mango tree today though you water it, manure it to the maximum (with the content needed for 10 years) – It will naturally require its time to grow & produce Fruits for you.

How to overcome these?

Meditate & Exercise

Meditation provides us the power to control the flow of thoughts in our mind through which we tend to get the power to filter the useful thoughts from a collection of useful & useless thoughts because in the above problems checking the stats of the blog now & then is useless because we can check it only once at the end of day or next day morning to analyze the reader behavior on the site.

Exercising everyday helps you in keep your body ready for the next day’s challenge, being a newbie in blogging it will be moreover a part-time job for us and then we have to manage our full-time job activities also. We requirea huge levels of energy which can be obtained only by regular & sufficient exercise based on our body and health conditions.

Blogging is a job which requires a lot of peace of mind only then you can convey your message to the world properly. So, get out of your couch as you sit on it for hours together to complete one task and go for a jog or exercise because your body determines how effectively your mind works.
Being a blogger is very interesting & challenging task, it feels like we can give up our meals, sleep & Exercise for completing the planned task on time.
Though we are doing the task which is very dear to us but we need to take care of our health. It is never advisable to lose health at any cost because life will be miserable without proper health and even cannot enjoy or continue our bloggig for long time if we miss the health in the present.


Tell a true lie which motivates you

Telling a true lie gives us the power to make the lie a true or reality says Steve Chandler through his book 100 ways to motivate yourself. This technique is true through Law of attraction also.

We cannot change the status of our blog statistics and bank balance or income through our blog overnight but we can tell a true lie which can motivate us each & every day to reach our destiny of a successful blogging career. The following are the images which I use to boost my mood every day by a true lie.
WordPress, PayPal, Bank account balance

paypal balance true lie

Bank Balance true lieBlog statistics true lie









Hope you like my true lies, you can make true lies of this type for yourself in your field also to make it really true but not a lie anymore. Finally, the warning I wish to offer to the newbies like me is that don’t focus on the results like statistics, money, conversions now etc but focus on your activities to increase them and your true lies so that you will not feel pressure and instead you will consider working for your dreams as pleasure.

I make my living through my day time job but my happiness through blogging. So, I wish to make my happiness with pleasure instead of useless pressure

Thanks for reading. Share your views about this warning to newbies and the post content with me through comments, I would be very happy to hear. If you have enjoyed reading this post then share it with your buddies.

Bye… Take care…

I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @ learningispassion.com, bloggingispassion.com

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