What causes stress?

What causes stress?

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We generally listen from people saying they are stressed out, but why are they getting stressed? and What causes stress? Is there anything they are doing wrong because there are some people on earth doing a lot more without getting stressed?

What Causes Stress?

I got the answer for above question from Jeff Bezos.

Stress primarily comes from not taking action over something which you can have control over. Stress is a warning flag saying that I haven’t identified an action to start over. Stress doesn’t come from hard work because you won’t be stressed when you are working incredibly hard and be very much stressed if you are out of work. says Jeff Bezos in Video (at end of the post). 

The main causes of Stress are

  1. Too much worrying
  2. Too much talking and too less working
  3. Not taking action which is possible to take

Too much worrying


Too much worrying, talking but not taking action is the cause of STRESS and in later stages, too much worrying and not doing would deteriorate the situation even worse and you get even more Stressed. If you are currently in this situation then go out and TAKE ACTION, whatever action you can take start taking ACTION instead of worrying.

Because, if you take action the situation might get a little better or completely better but if you sit and worry without taking any action then things would never change for the better.working Hard is best Stress buster as lack of it causes stress

Limiting Friction is always there

In Physics, it is said that the friction (opposing force) which a body experience is more when it is just starting out, but once it starts the Friction reduces a lot. So, when you are starting to take action things might seem difficult but once you start taking action and moving towards your goal then things tend to become a lot easier than once you have thought about them.

Ways to Reduce Stress

Get Started – Take action

Even if you can start small that is ok, ignore how small the action, just focus on taking action.

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Learn from your mistakes

A person who has never made a mistake. Never tried anything NEW. – Albert Einstein

Don’t worry too much when you are making mistakes instead learn from them, try not to repeat them and proceed. As even Einstein has said, If you are doing mistakes means you are trying something NEW which you haven’t done before.  So, don’t worry enjoy the journey because without those mistakes and failures achieving success wouldn’t be so enjoyable.


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