What if I did not do it in the PAST

What if I did not do it in the PAST

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This blog post is about a constant thought which crosses over our mind, the what if’s and but’s which cloud our mind about our past. Do we have to deal with them or how to deal with them?

What if I did not do it in the PAST

Feeling Bad about past mistakes
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Most of the times we think about the past about what we shouldn’t have done in the past than what good decisions we have made. Personally, I feel I have made a lot of decisions in my past which have shaped my present day.

But, I am somehow habituated to think or brood over the thoughts like What if I didn’t do that? or What if I didn’t take that decision? Life would have been much better if I wouldn’t have wasted time with video games, watching movies or bad habits, etc.

Yes, those thoughts are right, 100% right, they would have definitely changed or influenced my life positively if I wouldn’t have taken those wrong decisions.

Avengers Scene

So, let me describe you a scene in the movie of Avengers – Age of Ultron (I have recently became obsessed over the Avengers series and the Super heroes, especially Iron Man and Captain America). So, in the movie, in the midst of the battle, Scarlet Witch says – How could I let this happen? It’s all my fault. To which Clint Barton says – It’s my fault, your fault or everyone’s fault? Who cares..?

It doesn’t matter what you did, or what you were. If you go out there and fight (with whatever you have) then you are an Avenger.

Awesome lines, I feel concerning to our blog post title, we are often paralyzed with our mistakes, the burden of our guilt about doing the mistake immobilizes us and we fail to do what it is possible to do now. And, that’s all should be done.

From the same movie, if you consider the example of Tony Stark (The Iron Man), he tries to create some technology to take care of the planet, but somehow it turns the opposite and causes destruction, unlike Scarlet Witch, he doesn’t sit and cry that because of his mistake the world is suffering the issue. His intention to experiment was clear – To save the world, but somehow something unexpected happened and it led to something opposite. He has great amount of fans because of this attitude, he follows the principle which Barton said – It doesn’t matter what you did, or what you were. If you go out there and fight then you are an Avenger.

Best time to plant a Tree

I have read a quote once which said the following – The Best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now. So, the intention is don’t forget what you have missed because of your past actions, but what you can gain with your present actions. That’s all life is all about, we are merely human beings who learn by doing mistakes, and if you start counting the mistakes you have done all your life, it wouldn’t lead to anything fruitful.

  1. It might lead to a bad mood, low self-confidence, and depression
  2. It makes you helpless.
  3. End, of all by blaming yourself or others for your mistake, is it productive?

Does it help?

Let go of your past burden
Let go of your past burden, it slows you down.
Photo by Adli Wahid on Unsplash

If your brooding and analysis would help you to go back in the time and fix the issues then it would really be worth it of doing that, but will it? Nope, not at all, instead your wasting the precious opportunity – Today, indeed in the process of over-analyzing the past and feeling terrible about the mistake.

Chill – move on

Accept the fact, that nobody is perfect and we all learn by doing mistakes. It is said that success comes from Good decisions, where do they come from – Experiences? Do you know where do they come from, it is the interesting part – Bad Decisions or mistakes.

It’s all linked – Success comes from Good decisions, Good decisions come from Experiences which are most of the results of Bad decisions.

One more one-liner, If you wish to succeed then double your failure rate.

Thanks for Reading… Hope you have liked this post… let me know what you think about it in the comment section… I would love to read it…

Bye… Take care…

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