Who moved my cheese? book review

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Recently, I have picked up the book Who moved my cheese? written by Spencer Johnson from the library and it is one of the smallest book which I have read. I guess you can complete reading the whole book in the span of 2 hours. It talks about some basic principles which I wanted to share with you through this post.

Who moved my cheese?

Telling you the whole story of the book would like cheating the author or copying his content, let me do it in another way. The book talks about us, human beings, how we think, how we analyze situations, why do we prefer to stay in comfort zone and what is the major reason for our depression, boredom, failure in life when something unexpected happens

failure…who moved my cheese

To be frank, there is no failure in life, there are just stepping stones to success and this is what the author conveys through his book. Some among us stop our journey towards our goal, dream or destination whenever we meet with a failure but while few (who WIN at life) never get tired of moving ahead in one or other directions in search of their dream no matter how many times they FAIL.

I have never seen a winner blaming god or someone for giving him/her failures in his life, but he, in turn, thanks to them and claims that the success which he is enjoying now is the result of the failures which he initially experienced in life.

But, if you see any person other than the winner, then he has a good number of people to blame – God, parents, spouse, children, friends, relatives etc. the list is endless. The problem is not with him, but the problem is how he thinks and manage the failure which he has experienced, a person who considers it as a lesson enlightens, but a person who starts blaming starts moving backward in his life instead of forward.

Change Management

Everyone is afraid of change (including me, that is a human tendency – we prefer to stay in our comfort zone), and the author explains how important is this in life through the same story using some couple of characters. As Mr. Jobs says – Death is a change agent, which clears off the old to make way for the new. So, change clears off OLD which is not worth it or updates itself.

Similarly, changes in life, business, job, career, relationship are inevitable because of those changes alone we are still not bored of life and every day is having some excitement in it. So, the people who embrace change instead of confronting them are the happy souls who take the maximum advantage of the change happening.

Change really clears off the old to make way for the new, unless change happens the world wouldn’t have been such an innovative place.

Don’t complicate things

Human beings are very clever creatures on earth, but sometimes being clever is their curse. Because of their clever brains, they stop accepting simple facts and think in complex ways to solve their problems while sticking to simple beliefs would do the job.

This problem also is tackled in the story.

Life is simple, but we insist in making it complicated.

How to apply?

Along with the valuable lessons through the story, the author also describes a set of scenarios of modern times in which this philosophy can be applied.

Benefits of reading

So, by reading this book you would understand the below things

  1. Change management
  2. Simple thinking is more effective sometimes
  3. Embrace change else you would be extinct.
  4. You will start applying the philosophy and will reap the rewards.
  5. You will love change instead of fearing it.

Want to get the book – Who moved my cheese?

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