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Earth is not a pressure cooker to go out every day with hell a lot of pressure about what will come our way and what not & what will happen but it is a joyful place where we have to live it with pleasure. There are two options when we get up in the morning, one is two live the day with pressure or pleasure, choice of chosing any one among them is there with us & only brave and happy ones chose the second one because though take pressure or not the things which are ought to happen would make their way to happen. I like the below quote very much

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast – Alfred A. Montapert

It is very easy to expect and get ready to face the problems than to brain storm for the ways to avoid and escape it.

When we are performing a task like our office work, preparing for examination, playing a game etc. we will be in a pressure like we will surrounded by things like deadlines, results or pass/fail, win/lose etc. are cause of the pressure in performing tasks. You know 80 % of people do not perform the task to their best due to the pressure levied on them by people and circumstances.

Studies prove that a man can perform extra ordinarily in normal conditions compared to in pressure conditions. We shall focus on some of the pressure building areas and tricks to avoid them

  1. Competing and Comparing with others.
  2. Running after material & short-lived things.

Competing with Others

We are always surrounded by Negative thoughts like jealous, pride, ego, anger, hatred etc when we compare Material things, comparison suppressing Pressureand compete with others in our personal and professional life. Because we tend to feel jealous of some one if he is doing well compared to us and start justifying ourselves to satisfy our ego to put more points for yourself.

If someone is not performing very well then you will feel pride and start behaving with arrogance to show your superiority in the presence of low talented and performing people. The beginning of pressure are the inferiority and the superiority complex and truly speaking when we wish bad or look down upon a person we are termed as Traitor to the nation as we are wishing bad to our own brother or sister because he/her belong to the same human race like us. We should never be traitor, we should be like a Patriot, and the best way to solve the problem of comparing and competing with others is by

Competing with Yourself

Instead of comparing us to others we can be very competitive and it is not a negative competition, it is a 100% positive competition and very productive way to self-development and improvement.

When we compare our today’s work with yesterday’s work, it never feels like pressure or jealous owin pleasure enhanced by innovation and happinessr pride or nothing negative everything will be positive only and that positive vibrations are produced though we fail or pass compared to our yesterdayCompeting with Yourself is INNOVATION as simple and easy as that.

If you can notice both the Pressure and Pleasure images then you can see that the material things and Comparison / competing are suppressing a person through Pressure while replacing material things by happiness and comparing with innovation (self comparing) started enhancing the pleasure to be more and more, that is the more of focus on right areas.


Running for material things

Most of the material things are small or short-lived, they seem to be like heaven for moment but drag the person to hell slowly, I remember Harsh Agarwal’s words here – Blogging is fun but if we don’t it for money then it is even more fun.

Our consciousness about the material things like money, position, respect etc eat away the natural fun and happiness a work or a duty gives us, if we slowly reduce our running after material things and stay focused on our work alone then we can act with responsibility instead of pressure.

Pursuing Happiness

The material things make our mind focus on result rather than means which is equal or even more important compared to the destination as Zig Ziglar says beautifully – What we get by reaching the destination is very insignificant compared to what we become by reaching their. So, by focusing more on results rather than our duty we land up into pressure and forget the pleasure which the work can give us and we shall also improve very less through our work though we have a lot of scope to improve through the work i.e., by focusing on material things we tend to reap tensions rather than benefits by sowing our pressure instead of pleasure. Repeating the words as they are important

Sow pressure reap tensions

Sow pleasure reap benefits

What you sow is what you reap


To Win in life or to win anything in life we have to pursue the work or activity with pleasure rather than pressure and that is the only to way to guarantee our success. Pleasure grows and enriches us though we are not doing very well in the present but pressure will make us small and mean though we are doing extra ordinary currently and will result in drastic fall at one point of time as we have a saturation point to hold that pressure but pleasure does not require or has any saturation point.


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I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @,

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