You can’t cheat yourself

You can’t cheat yourself

Hi Learner,

It is said by Thomas Alva Edison that If we do everything we are capable of doing we will astound ourselves, but what motivated the great Edison to write those above words because we try to cheat the whole world that we aren’t capable of doing any great activity making a lot of excuses.

But, the sad part is that we try to cheat the entire world while we can’t cheat ourselves, this was an aha moment for me when I told to myself that You can’t cheat yourself. I have experienced this in my own life when I was selling a lot of costly excuses to myself. Through this post, I thought of sharing the cost of cheating myself though I couldn’t cheat myself.

We can cheat the whole world

I don’t mean real cheating, but what I meant is lying that I couldn’t do that because of this reason, because of that reason etc. I tried to make endless excuses and I was very successful in cheating the world.

Everyone agreed including my parents, relatives, friends saying that your failure is because of that reason, but no one told me that I was making excuses.


I realized slightly

If your excuse is valid then why would eat your happiness?

I picked up books of various great souls and I started to realize that the problems which I am facing are not of any sad dogsignificance in front of the problems which they have faced and I have realized that I should stop making excuses for not doing anything and accept complete responsibility for my actions.

Things started to work and I was making remarkable progress when I started taking responsibility for my actions, but until some point in time only. Again, t
he traditional part of me which is habituated to make excuses rose up and things started to fall apart.

I didn’t understand the reason that time, but I understood the reason for my downfall and that is due to my overwhelming temporary success and I couldn’t handle that and it lead to a temporary failure and I heard that failure is a stepping stone to success but never believed in that (another excuse) and that temporary failure didn’t motivate me, rather it broke me and I started to believe that great acts can be possible be great souls alone.


I realized almost completely

Self confidence is the ability to stay Happy today and possess an assurance that I can make my tomorrow even more happier. – Yendamuri Veerendranath

After working in the real world and running after paychecks I understood that it is very difficult to lead and ordinary life also because of the rising demands from everyone in the society from us like loved ones (family), relatives, friends, society etc.

And, when I was believing that it was very difficult for me to achieve anything significant then I came across books which told about people who were very ordinary and try to reach an extraordinary position with their will through the books of Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, Robin Sharma etc. They changed my life and I started to believe in a positive way again then comes the kicker, I came across individuals who were more or less equal to my capability and have accomplished much more than I have and I was shocked looking at them.

Then, I have stopped selling excuses to myself and the moment I stopped giving excuses to myself I didn’t succeed, but it took a series of failures (even I fail today as well), but now I have a hope that we are failing because we aren’t doing something in a way it has to be done and if we can learn to do that then we can succeed.


But, You can’t cheat Yourself

Success requires no explanations, failure permits no alibis – Napoleon hill


Coming to the cheating yourself part, I have learned that our reasons for my failures are nothing more than excuses. You can't cheat yourselfBut, I was trying to cheat myself while I was never successful in cheating myself, something at the bottom of my heart of was eating myself.

I began watching inspiring movies, videos but nothing gave me a soothing feeling unless I start working towards my dreams. You might have also experienced this deep pain, whenever you quit your attempts because of repeated failures.


Action item

Knowing and not doing is not Knowing. – Stephen R Covey

From now on, whenever you experience repeated failures, take a pause, learn from experts about their failures and every accomplishment starts with a decision to trydid they ever wanted to quit their journey because our vision is always limited based on the knowledge we have. And, the best way to expand our limits is by improving our knowledge, this experiment was wonderfully demonstrated by the Three feet away from the gold story in the book Think & Grow Rich.

Try to plan reading success and failure stories through books, blogs, google. This is the action item which you can take immediately and start progressing towards your goal and remember one important thing and that is You can’t cheat yourself selling an excuse because it would, however, cause pain, so try, try, try.. if not today, if not tomorrow, if not in this month or year you would succeed, but I ask you please don’t quit.


Potential unutilized causes pain. – Robin Sharma


Thanks for reading. Hope you have enjoyed the post and the immediate action which I want you to take is to comment about the one excuse which you would stop selling yourself.


I am Surya Konduru, began blogging to share what I meant was useful with the world as I do it with my friends. It’s been a year since I am blogging and it is really awesome to blog. By the way, I blog @,

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