Your Future self should thank you

Your Future self should thank you

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We sometimes don’t really know what makes us really happy, but what makes us happy really is those actions which our future self is thankful. Hope I didn’t confuse you if I did, then continue reading on what I exactly mean by Your Future self should thank you.

Your Future self

What is your future self exactly? You are at present your future self when you are referring to your past and present when you are referring to your present. So, what is the intention of this blog post?

We are at times confused on what to do and what not do, though we know the obvious answer for our question we are still not in a proper position to figure which activity to do. So, I will try to answer that question through this blog post which I myself am trying to tod.

Why would you thank you?

Have you ever thanked you? If Yes, then why in which situation did you do that? If you haven’t thanked yourself anytime in life till now, then you should start practicing that it gives a great boost to your own mood as well as your Self-esteem. We feel great and confident about ourselves when we do things which would allow us to thank our own self.

So, to repeat we thank ourselves when we do actions which we feel good for ourselves or the people whom we love. So, the answer to our question – what to do when we are stuck with a confusion of what to do and what not to do? Is Doing activities which are good for us and the people whom we love and those which make us feel great about ourselves.

Your Futureself thanking youyour future self should thank you

Our present self is comparatively less knowledgeable compared to our future self mostly, because if we are improving in some or the other way, the future self is more compared to our present. So, if you are thankful for your present and past now then what you have done in the past is being thanked or felt thankful by your present.

So, answering the question again – What to do and what not to do when in confusion? Do things which not only make you feel thankful now but even your future self should feel thankful with those actions of your present.

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A small Exercise

Do, something today, that your future self will thank you for…

At this moment, take a moment about a minute or two to think about what were the actions which you did in the past (in past year or 5 years or 10 years) which made you feel thankful about yourself, it might be any of the reason like some of them listed below

  1. Like the course you took, which opened doors for new opportunities.
  2. Like a financial decision you have made, which avoided loss and tension for you.
  3. An effort you made for a relationship to grow stronger or start.
  4. New activities which you started doing like
    1. Participating in events conducted by an NGO.
    2. Donating your money or time for the welfare of others.
    3. Some effort in new endeavors which made your life both comfortable and prosperous.
  5. Organizing an event, finishing it successfully and learning something about managing events.
  6. Feeling satisfied with your time, year etc.

I have listed some happy things which I have done in my past (in about a year or two from now) for which definitely I am thankful to my past self, I have planted a seed then and reaping those fruits now and it gives immense pleasure reaping those fruits. Because, I have earned them with my blood and sweat with my own effort, decisions, time etc.

Because of those activities, I am feeling grateful for myself, thankful as well as a boost to my self-esteem as well, not doing those would have left me in a very different state than what I am now.

So, if this activity is making feel so good about me, then even if in future, if I wish to feel the same way about myself then shouldn’t I be selective about activities which I should do and I shouldn’t do at all (I have some of these as well which we’ll discuss in next section).

Why I don’t thank myself?

Along with activities which push me to happily thank myself for my past actions, there are some activities which would make me angry at myself. So, doing what should be done is only half the task and the second half which is even more important is not doing what shouldn’t be done.

Life and Human beings or mind abhor the vacuum, we can’t be empty minded as it is said – Empty Mind Devil’s workshop. So, to avoid or prevent us from doing what shouldn’t be done can be effectively accomplished by focusing on what should be done.


The main intention of this blog post is, we might be thanking ourselves or we might not. It is good if we are thankful with our past and continue doing the same activities which allow our future self also thank us. But, what if we don’t have anything in the past to thank ourselves, this is the main thing where we have to really focus on, we have to throw light on our actions to decide whether they are really liked by us or not.

This way, may in the present we might not be thankful with our past actions, but our current actions would force our future-self to thank us heartfully for doing our present actions thoughtfully. So, let this be our focus – Your Futureself should thank you.

The Best time to plant the tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

The above quote, I don’t know who said it but it has a great essence in it. We might have missed or wasted a lot of opportunities in the past, but that doesn’t mean life won’t give us any more. Every single day is an opportunity, use it well and be the creator of your own destiny.

Thanks for reading. Share your views about and the post content with me through comments, I would be very happy to read them.

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